Things You Would Like To Know About Us There are many questions that creep into your mind when you are about to hire a service for which you need to pay and a packing/moving service is no exception. Enumerated here are a few questions that we thought you would like to receive answers.


What all services we provide? We provide you all the services pertaining to the shifting process. Right from packing hundreds of your belongings safely to loading them on to vehicles safely and then on reaching the destination points we unload the vehicles with equal safety. We unpack and re-arrange your items back. So, you just need to sit and enjoy your journey. When a need arises we are just a call away.


What all safety measures do we take?

  • We ensure a complete safety of all your belongings. By virtue of experience and expertise we know what items are to be packed with what materials. We make use of wooden crates, boxes, bubble packs and a lot more. We take care of all your items however fragile, bulky or cumbersome they may be. When it comes to loading and unloading vehicles we are equipped with the latest tools like hydraulic lifters etc.
  • All your belongings remain intact and safe inside the vehicles because they get placed by our experienced and skilled team.


What if Any Damage Occurs During Transportation? We offer your insurance on your valuable items. We have tie-ups with all the prominent insurance companies and hence in the rare case of any damage to your belongings you can claim the insurance money.


How Do We Transport cars or other four-wheeler’s? We know when you need to shift to a far-flung area you cannot drive down your car. It is due to this reason that we offer car-transportation service. We make use of safety chains and safety locks to keep your car intact inside the vehicles. With the help of hydraulic ramp, your car gets safely positioned inside the vehicle and we also make use of wheel stoppers to ensure it does not move. We have a huge fleet of car carriers that take care of your car transportation needs.


Do we offer storage facilities? How safe our storage is? Yes we do. In case there are items which you do not want to carry along, you can make use of our warehousing facilities which is absolutely safe. We have made this facility available in all the major cities of the country. Our warehouses are pest, water and calamities proof.


Why should you choose us? It is obvious to ask this question because you need the best deal. Well! With more than 10 years of experience under our belt we give you nothing but the best. We have catered the needs of thousands of clients like you and they are absolutely happy with us. We are certified and authorized service and have a great repute in the market.

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